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Metcon Class

In this hour long class, your coach will take you through a warmup, a strength training or skill building session, and a metabolic conditioning workout.  We teach the proper execution of cardiovascular exercise, bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, and stretching to get you in shape for life.  

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Chariot Connect

Chariot Connect is our online membership community.  With a Chariot Connect membership, you’ll get daily expert programming, access to the Chariot movement library, our app for your phone, and our private Chariot Connect facebook group for coaching help and community support.  This membership also includes an invitation to all Chariot events and to come train on site once a week.

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Speed Class

Do you want to be faster?  Do you want more playing time?  Do you want your young athlete to avoid injury, perform better at their sport, and maintain physical fitness?  Speed Class meets on M/T/Th at 6pm.

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